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War and Peace War and Peace

Rated 5 / 5 stars

the harmonies sound gorgeous and the steadily growing calmly atmo is quite lovely
some words seem sliiiiiiiiiiiiiightly out of tune for me (like 'down' in 'Lay down your sword') but they're very very few
loved how it all sounds when the third voice joins in again at 5:23 with the new instruments. the entire piece carries a strong sense of coherence too which positively adds to its peaceful mood

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After the Rain After the Rain

Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh man this piece
it's so funkily comfy
the main lead is seriously addictive. i wanna sonically hug it

johnfn responds:

ty garlagan =D

Dust Sweeper Dust Sweeper

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

lovely vibes lunacy
the first few seconds effectively reminded me of some final fantasy boss fight
i like the many sections and how they're connected.
2:46 is fun
the entire comp's got a sort of old school progressive taste which ain't easy to achieve
the mix needs a bit of work tho. the organ is delicious but is at the same level or louder than the vox, which is a pity cause it's masking your comfy timbre
the chorus is genius btw and the lyrics are extra nice there

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LunacyEcho responds:


=> final fantasy boss fight

Haha you're not the first person to think it sounds like a boss fight! I had a friend who described it as 'Bowser's Castle music'.

=> 2:46

Ahhh glad it works! I think I said this somewhere else as well, but I was considering cutting it because it felt a bit random—but then I listened to some more Dream Theater and decided to keep it.

=> mix

Yeah, I definitely need to work on my mixing. Listening to my song side-by-side with tracks like yours or johnfn's really show how much more my production skills have yet to go :P Thanks for the suggestion though! Matching levels isn't usually my first instinct when writing music but I'll definitely keep it more so in mind in future songs.

=> lovely/delicious/comfy

I reaaaaaaally like your adjectives.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review! And good luck in the competition—that Phonom's a tough nut to crack, but your piece is super strong as well. I'll leave a review for it soon! :D